Eddie Shepherd is an award winning modern vegetarian chef, cookbook author and development chef.

At the forefront of contemporary plant based cuisine Eddie takes inspiration from nature to create delicious, exciting food with a modern aesthetic.

Eddie runs the unique
‘Walled Gardens’ underground restaurant in Manchester, serving a modern 12 course tasting menu in an informal atmosphere. All the food is prepared and served by the chef alone for just 8 diners per night, making this an intimate but relaxed, unique fine dining experience.

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Eddies cookbooks have been met with acclaim from both chefs and home cooks.

With 15 years experience as a professional Chef Eddie has taken his unique, artistic cooking around the world. From pop-up restaurants in Mexico City to work in Cyprus and China. He is fascinated by all aspects of the food world and has done bespoke work for high profile clients such as Google, Waitrose, Vodafone, the BBC, ITV, etc as well as working with local community projects, cooperatives and charities.

Passionate and full of enthusiasm Eddie has made a prominent name for himself in the culinary world with his pioneering approach to plant based fine dining, a rapidly growing vibrant new field in cuisine.

You can now also try Eddies food at the Four Seasons Hotel in Cyprus where he has created a bespoke vegetarian and vegan menu now served across all their fantastic restaurants.

Eddie is also available for consultancy and training in contemporary plant based cuisine.
And does media work including magazine pieces, TV and Radio appearances, live cookery demonstrations etc

For food businesses, brands, restaurants, hotels etc looking for either consultation, training or product development please get in touch via the contact page.

For inquiries or media requests please use the
Contact Page to email Eddie.


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‘Modern Vegetarian Chef’ - The new ebook from Eddie Shepherd is OUT NOW!!!

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