Eddie Shepherd is an award winning modern plant-based chef.

At the forefront of modern plant-based cuisine Eddie takes inspiration from nature and uses innovative techniques to create exciting, unique food that contrast the wild and natural with controlled technique, precision and a modern aesthetic.

Eddie runs the unique ‘Walled Gardens’ underground restaurant in Manchester serving a modern 12 course tasting menu in an informal atmosphere. All the food is prepared and served by the chef alone for just 8 diners per night, making this an intimate but relaxed, unique fine dining experience.
Eddie was awarded 'Chef of the Year' for 2023 at the Manchester Food and Drink Awards.
The Walled Gardens was listed as one of the top 100 restraurants in the World and Number 6 in the UK in the We're Smart Green Guild.

With nearly 20 years experience as a professional Chef Eddie has taken his unique, artistic cooking around the world. From pop-up restaurants in Mexico City to one off dinners in Sichuan China and training chefs in Athens, London & Cyprus. He is fascinated by all aspects of the food world and has done bespoke work for high profile clients such as Google, the BBC, ITV, Waitrose, Wren Kitchens, Valrhona, Vodafone, as well as working with local community projects, cooperatives and charities.

Passionate and full of enthusiasm Eddie has made a prominent name for himself in the culinary world with his pioneering approach to plant-based fine dining, and is committed to showing high end food can be sustainable and positive for the environment. The Walled Gardens was recently awarded the highest possible three star rating from the sustainable restaurant association.

Eddie is experienced in TV appearances, demonstrating at food festivals and industry shows and has done a variety of media work - broadcast, print and online.


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