Edible Cocktails

Edible Cocktails

Above - ‘Death in the Afternoon’ Edible cocktail inspired by Hemingways cocktail of Absinthe and Champagne, this version features powdered absinthe and carbonated grapes.

Edible Cocktails
& some other press from the weekend.

This weekend I was pleased to find out I was being featured on the Guardians
‘Word of Mouth’ blog for the Edible cocktails I serve and did a cook book of, and then also was featured on the cover of The Independent with my modernised nut roast recipe inside.


Above - ‘G&T’ Gin and Tonic Meringue served with an aromatic infusion of Juniper & Coriander

You can read the Guardian piece
It covers edible cocktails made by myself and a number of other chefs. I serve a couple of these small dishes inspired by cocktails or alcohol at the start of my tasting menu. I also produced and ebook focused on Edible Cocktails (more info

Above - ‘Sake Blossom’ Dish inspired by the Sake cocktail featuring Peach and Rose.

Then I was also pleasantly surprised to be featured on the cover of The Independent newspaper on Saturday with my modernised nut roast recipe inside.


Above - The front cover


Above - In good company in the paper

NUT ROAST 1-blog

Above - The modernised nut roast I developed for Vodafone’s christmas ad campaign. More info HERE

'Death in the Afternoon' - An Edible Cocktail with Powdered Absinthe

In this video I demonstrate making one of the Edible Cocktails that I serve at the start of my tasting menus.

This small dish entitled ‘Death in the Afternoon’ is inspired by the namesake cocktail that Ernest Hemingway invented - a combination of Absinthe & Champagne.

For my version I make a powdered absinthe that packs a real kick of alcohol, then I pair it with carbonated grapes to mimic the effervescence of champagne. The dish is completed with freeze dried grape, pop rocks - to provide more fizz, and fresh fennel tips - to complement the anise flavour of Absinthe.

It adds up to a small one bite dish with a big impact of flavour, fizz and alcohol which is exhilarating but fleeting. So it’s perfect for the start of the tasting menu when its is served as part of a trio of edible cocktails before the series of savoury dishes begins.

These Edible Cocktails are small dishes inspired by cocktails & alcohol, I became interested in the idea of serving small edible cocktails at the start of the tasting menu inspired by their use at Alinea & Aviary.


Edible Cocktails - OUT NOW

‘Edible Cocktails’

An exciting new ebook from Eddie Shepherd

Modern dishes inspired by cocktails and alcohol.


All Eddies ebooks are now available to download as PDFs

‘Edible cocktails’ is the fantastic new book from award winning Chef Eddie Shepherd, focused on creative modern dishes inspired by cocktails and alcohol.

Lavishly augmented with pictures and video ‘Edible Cocktails’ features dishes with titles such as -

‘Absinthe Candyfloss’
‘Smoked Bloody Mary’
‘Caramelised White Chocolate White Russian’
‘Sake Blossom Meringues’


Sake Blossom

Using techniques ranging from the very simple through to very modern, this book covers everything from how to make homemade mozzarella, delicious fresh baked focaccia or vodka pickled tomatoes, through to making powdered absinthe, vacuum infusing pineapple with rum, or making fantastically addictive ‘Gin & Tonic Marshmallows’.

gin 5

Sparkling Gin and Pink Lemonade Spheres with Cucumber Granita

Various cocktails and alcoholic drinks inspire the dishes in ‘Edible Cocktails’ and the extensive use of beautiful photography and videos helps to give real insight into these dishes.

Caramelised White Chocolate White Russian Bon Bons

This original, exciting and entertaining book is perfect for anyone passionate about cooking or cocktails.

'Edible Cocktails' - the new ebook from Eddie Shepherd, OUT NOW!