Podcast Interview


Follow the link to listen to an interview I did with the fantastic podcast ‘My Life as a Foodie’.

We focus on ‘molecular gastronomy’ and vegetarian food but also manage to seamlessly get beer, music and the joys of Manchester into the conversation (good work I reckon!).

Phil, the creator of ‘My Life as a Foodie’, is a truly great bloke and was a joy to speak to and get to know. Please do check out his excellent, hugely enjoyable blog and podcasts.



Check it out! - www.mylifeasafoodie.com

Modernist Vegetarian on My life as a foodie - Audio Clip

Short clip of a great review for the book from the My Life as a Foodie Podcast

Click here to listen to clip - my life as a foodie review

“One of the greatest young chefs of our generation”

“Literally jewelry for you iPad!”

“Eddies artistry [is] one of the culinary industries greatest gifts”

“One of the most visually stunning things I’ve ever seen on the iPad

See more here - My Life as a Foodie