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‘Modern Vegetarian Chef’

The new ebook from Eddie Shepherd

is OUT NOW!!!

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Modern Vegetarian Chef is the newest book from award winning chef Eddie Shepherd.

At the forefront of modern vegetarian cuisine Eddie takes inspiration from nature and uses innovative techniques to create exciting, unique food that contrasts the wild and natural with controlled technique, precision and a modern aesthetic. His cookbooks have been met with acclaim from both chefs and home cooks.


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Or available

New Book - Modern Vegetarian Chef

‘Modern Vegetarian Chef’

A new ebook from Eddie Shepherd

Coming - 1st of June

Available via iTunes & iBooks or as a PDF for any platform

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Simple Modern Vegetarian ebook - OUT NOW

‘Simple Modern Vegetarian’

The new ebook from Eddie Shepherd

Step by step modern vegetarian recipes enhanced with video.


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‘Simple Modern Vegetarian’ features step by step recipes illustrated with hundreds of beautiful photographs and enhanced with video. It is the forth book from award winning vegetarian chef and cookbook author Eddie Shepherd.

This book focuses on delicious modern vegetarian and vegan dishes achievable by anyone. It is perfect for home cooks or chefs looking for menu inspiration. Dishes are broken down into sections and give step by step instructions with pictures, and sometimes video, to help you get great results.

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Chapters include -

Za’atar Popcorn
Smoked Tofu, Plum and Rosemary Skewers
Black Bean Chilli with Burnt Lettuce & Coriander Mayonnaise
Stir-Fried Tofu with Blueberry Pickled Onions
Poached Egg with Cavolo Nero, Hazelnut and Pine Smoked Oil
Charred Aubergine & Tofu Laksa
Chocolate Mousse with Kahlúa Whipped Cream and Caramel Coated Hazelnuts
Gin and Tonic Granita
Basic Breads
Sous Vide - An Introduction with Recipes
and much more …


Reviews of Eddies books -

“One of the most visually stunning things I’ve ever seen on the iPad”
“One of the greatest young chefs of our generation”
“Stunning ebook, the value is incredible”
“Amazing fresh approach to veggie food from a great chef”

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Available from iTunes, iBooks or as a PDF for all platforms


‘Simple Modern Vegetarian’ by Eddie Shepherd


Buy now as a PDF for all platforms

PDF versions of my books

All my books are now available
download as PDFs!
These can be viewed on computers, tablets, phones etc

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£3.99 Edible Cocktails
Vibrant Vegetarian
£3.99 Modernist Vegetarian

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These PDF versions of the books contain all the same content as the iBook/iTunes versions but work on all platforms and devises. They contain hundreds of high quality images and detailed recipes as well as links to videos which illustrate the recipes & techniques.

I hope you enjoy the book and if so please have a look at some more of my work and my other books and tell your friends or colleagues.

Thank you for supporting an independent creative venture like this.


Eddie Shepherd

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Please note - the books are large files (between 700mb and 900mb each), it may take some time for each to download and open as they contain many images, please be patient.


You can re-download your copy of the book up to 3 times.

I hope you enjoy the books and keep a look out for more coming soon.

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£3.99 Edible Cocktails
Vibrant Vegetarian
Modernist Vegetarian

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Edible Cocktails - OUT NOW

‘Edible Cocktails’

An exciting new ebook from Eddie Shepherd

Modern dishes inspired by cocktails and alcohol.


All Eddies ebooks are now available to download as PDFs

‘Edible cocktails’ is the fantastic new book from award winning Chef Eddie Shepherd, focused on creative modern dishes inspired by cocktails and alcohol.

Lavishly augmented with pictures and video ‘Edible Cocktails’ features dishes with titles such as -

‘Absinthe Candyfloss’
‘Smoked Bloody Mary’
‘Caramelised White Chocolate White Russian’
‘Sake Blossom Meringues’


Sake Blossom

Using techniques ranging from the very simple through to very modern, this book covers everything from how to make homemade mozzarella, delicious fresh baked focaccia or vodka pickled tomatoes, through to making powdered absinthe, vacuum infusing pineapple with rum, or making fantastically addictive ‘Gin & Tonic Marshmallows’.

gin 5

Sparkling Gin and Pink Lemonade Spheres with Cucumber Granita

Various cocktails and alcoholic drinks inspire the dishes in ‘Edible Cocktails’ and the extensive use of beautiful photography and videos helps to give real insight into these dishes.

Caramelised White Chocolate White Russian Bon Bons

This original, exciting and entertaining book is perfect for anyone passionate about cooking or cocktails.

'Edible Cocktails' - the new ebook from Eddie Shepherd, OUT NOW!


Rosehip & Violet Meringue


This recipe and video for Rosehip & Violet Meringue comes from a dish in my new book ‘Vibrant Vegetarian’

The dish is a Sparkling Chamomile Palate Cleanser with Rosehip & Violet Meringue and Lemon Balm.

Here I’m going to share with you the recipe, technique and video for how to make this delicious, light, colourful meringue. I hope if you are interested in this you’ll check out the book,
‘Vibrant Vegetarian’, itself which is available now on iTunes for £3.99.

Rosehip & Violet Meringue

50g Hydrated Methylcellulose Slurry (see the bottom of this post for the preparation method)
50g Isomalt
20g Caster Sugar
20g Lemon Juice
80g Rosehip Syrup (Full recipe in
‘Vibrant Vegetarian’)
200g Cranberry Juice
1.2g Xanthan Gum
1g Ascorbic Acid

Combine all the ingredients except the isomalt and caster sugar.

Whip the mixture whilst slowly adding in the isomalt and caster sugar.

Whip well for at least 5 minutes until the mixture forms stiff peaks.

Spread thin onto no stick sheets.

Crush some crystallised violet and sprinkle over the meringue.

Dehydrate at 57°C for 10 Hours.

Store in an airtight container with silica.

Methylcellulose Preparation -

Top prepare the hydrated methyllcellulose slurry you will need
Methylcellulose f50 or the Texturas Brand ‘Methil’.
Available from

6g Methylcellulose
400ml Water
Boil the water in the kettle then measure out 200ml of just boiled water.

Now blend the Methylcellulose into the hot water with a stick blender.

Next begin to cool this mixture over an ice bath while stirring intermittently until it is cool.

Allow this mix to sit for a couple of hours for the methyl cellulose to fully hydrate.

You can prepare this mixture in batches then keep it stored in the freeze indefinitely to defrost and use as needed.

All Eddies ebooks are now available to download as PDFs

Ginger Sorbet with Orange Glass & Citrus Mist

GInger 1 - done

Please enjoy this recipe and video from my new book ‘Vibrant Vegetarian’. The full recipe is featured bellow along with a video.

Vibrant Vegetarian is out now, I hope you enjoy this sample recipe and video and if so check out the whole book - available via iTunes and iBooks



All Eddies ebooks are now available to download as PDFs

Ginger Sorbet with Citrus Mist

This is a really refreshing end of meal dessert.
Citrus and ginger with coriander give a bright, clean flavour.
The orange glass gives the dish a little texture and yet more vivid citrus flavour.

The exclamation point to the dish comes in the form of the sensory impact of the citrus mist, both aromatically and visually dramatic.

I think this makes for a beautiful way to end a meal - light and vibrant. It’s a dish in which both the flavour and presentation are memorable and elegant.

Ginger Sorbet

250g Caster sugar
400g Water
70g Grated ginger
Juice and zest of one lemon
40g Cointreau
1.5g Xanthan gum

Squeeze the grated ginger in cheese cloth to extract as much juice as possible. Set the ginger juice to one side and keep the grated ginger solids separately.
Heat the water and sugar in a pan with the grated ginger solids. Simmer for five minutes.
Now strain the hot liquid into a bowl to remove all the solids. Add the ginger juice, cointreau, lemon juice and zest into the hot liquid and then allow the mixture to cool.

Once the liquid has cooled blend in the xanthan gum, then allow the liquid to chill for a couple of hours in the fridge.
Pour a little of the chilled sorbet base into a metal bowl. Then fast freeze the sorbet by whisking in powdered dry ice (or place the chilled liquid into an ice cream machine and churn while it freezes) then store this in a sealed plastic tub in the freezer.
NOTE – Dry ice is very cold (-78°C) so should be used with caution, and ensure no pieces of dry ice remain in the sorbet when it is served.

Orange Glass

170g Fresh orange juice
20g Lemon juice
10g Cointreau
Zest of two lemons
20g Kuzu
30g Caster sugar
10g Isomalt
½ Teaspoon chopped dried safflower petals

Mix all ingredients except the safflower petals together and stir well.
Now heat this mix while stirring until it thickens and turns translucent.
Take the mixture off the heat and stir in the chopped safflower.

Spread this mixture thinly thin on a non stick sheet.
Dehydrate at 64°C for 14 hours (or in a low oven for the same amount of time or until crisp).
Store the orange glass in an airtight container with silica until ready to serve.

Citrus Mist

500ml Water
Juice and zest of three lemons
One bunch of fresh chopped coriander
20 Crushed cardamom pods
2 Sticks of lemongrass
10 Dried kaffir lime leaves
One piece of chopped ginger

Heat all the ingredients in a small pan and simmer for five minutes.
Then turn off the heat and leave covered to infuse.
Store the citrus infusion in the fridge.

Spoon a little dry ice into a bowl and cover this over with slices of lemon and orange.
Spoon some of the sorbet into a glass and sit this on top of the lemons in the bowl.
Place a piece of the orange glass in the top of the sorbet and garnish with coriander.
Finally pour the citrus infusion over the dry ice and the emerging mist will carry the citrus scent adding a final layer of flavour to the dish.

VIbrant Vegetarian - OUT NOW

My new book Vibrant Vegetarian came out today, please have a look at the promo video and if you decide to buy it and like it then please, if you don’t mind, suggest it to your friends or write nice review of it on iTunes

Cheers all

Thank you


All Eddies ebooks are now available to download as PDFs

New Book - Vibrant Vegetarian

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 20.57.37

Vibrant Vegetarian
The innovative new ebook from Eddie Shepherd
Out Now

All Eddies ebooks are now available to download as PDFs
Vibrant Vegetarian is the innovative new cookbook from award winning modern vegetarian Chef Eddie Shepherd.
Creative dishes, new techniques, hundreds of beautiful photos and helpful videos make this unique book not just a culinary gem but a visual delight.
An original and groundbreaking book, lavishly augmented with pictures and video, this is a must have for all foodies, chefs and enthusiastic cooks, vegetarian or not.

@vegetarianchef on twitter f