Bitesized Blogs


* Pic - A Dish from my last digital cookbook ‘Modern Vegetarian Chef’ *

Hi, welcome to my new section of my website, the Bitesized Blog.

Its pretty simple - its going to be a collection of weekly on maybe bi-weekly mini blog posts (hopefully).

The idea is for it to be a place I can put short posts on a variety of subjects. They might be a recipe, or news from a project I am working on, or some new food pictures or just some thoughts on something that happens to interest me at the time. But the plan is too keep them succinct & regular.

I used to do a more long form blog and I have kept that all archived HERE. But the problem I found as I am busier and busier is that I struggle to put valuable stuff up in that blog and I’m a bit overfaced by it. I also recon that as a reader it can be a bit much to be presented with an essay’s worth of writing on a complex technique. With any luck doing these mini blogs will be both easier to manage and fun for me, and easier to browse through for you :)

I’ll end this little introduction by saying the other reason for me deciding to do these little short posts is that I am finally starting in earnest the process of trying to get a print cook book published (check out my digital books HERE). Its another big project to take on for guy that’s already stupidly busy, but I’m really excited about it and I’d like to share bits of the process on here as well as making myself write here a little each week both for practice and procrastination.

Thanks to Katya for her support and suggestions for both these blogs and the book.

I hope it will be a fun project.